CTR | Annual Appeal 2017
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Annual Appeal 2017

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Dear Friends,

It’s because of you….

As a valued supporter of CTR’s vision and work, your donations give us the means to do so much! We wanted you to know that because of you…

A child, who is unable to sit up on their own, experiences the movement and benefits of sitting astride a horse in hippotherapy. Children and adults with significant strength deficits regain their balance and core strength through therapeutic riding.

Autistic children and adolescents learn social skills, make friends, and build confidence and self-esteem because they are learning to ride horses. Children who learn differently have fun practicing reading, math, and science in Horse Powered Learning activities at the farm.

People in the community come to together in the spirit of volunteerism to help vulnerable populations in connecting with horses in a safe and nonjudgmental environment. Families find support and camaraderie in kindred spirits while raising children with special needs.

Our horses receive the finest care, so they can do their best for our riders and special equipment is purchased to make our rider’s lives easier.

It’s because of you…

A frail bedridden woman in the last weeks of her life was visited by Buttons, the mini pony. She told us that she had ridden and trained horses in her younger years. She told us that she “danced” with them (rode dressage). She talked for several minutes about how much horses meant to her. Not only did the staff not know this about her, we were told that she seldom speaks. But she told Buttons her life story.

Young women in the foster care system were able to participate in several equine assisted learning workshops where they learned the importance of making better choices, practiced nurturing relationships, and began honing their leadership skills. One young woman was overheard saying, “Now I know girls can be leaders too.”

After a grief and bereavement workshop with the horses at the farm, a mom listened as her son shared how a pony helped him to feel better about himself after losing his grandmother to cancer. He told her that he was finally able to feel happy about his memories and that he could still love his grandmother who is now in heaven.

Your donations inspire, bring hope and make the lives of so many better! We have been able to do so much given your support, however, we need you again! Together, we can do even more!

Thank you for your assistance in changing lives, I wish you the very best for your own happy new beginnings in 2017!

Boots On,

Cathy Schmidt
Executive Director

“One of Anna’s biggest challenges is low tone. Partnered with her small
stature, it can make many activities difficult, like enjoying the playground. Or even just opening the refrigerator door. It’s the reason why there is an assistant on the bus, as Anna starts her school day by climbing steep steps. This week, after Anna visited each horse and volunteer, she walked over the mounting block. And I couldn’t help but smile as I watched her stretch her leg up to the stirrup and, using her muscles, pull herself up on Sally. Anna did it with no help. She did it on her own. And I was so proud of her.”

– Carie Sadowski


“Cathy and her crew at CTR are FANTASTIC!! They always exhibit professionalism, understanding and creative problem solving to help their riders flourish. They say it takes a village to raise a child well, CTR has definitely been a part of my village and I couldn’t be more thankful.”

– Megan Sheldon

“Four and a half years ago my life as a very active older adult was altered drastically, because of a distracted driver who broadsided the motorcycle on which I was riding. After more than 22 operations I lost my leg below the knee. I spent more than two and half years in a wheel chair trying to stay as fit as I could until the day I could stand a walk again. I turned to my love of horses and riding and to CTR, where I gained not only the freedom to ride and be with horses, I gained strength in my hips and very weak leg. As, most likely, the oldest student in the program at CTR, I love the opportunity to interact with younger students, volunteers and instructors. I have read, “That if you think old, you are old”. Spending time at CTR has helped me to think young and get strong. Thank you CTR for helping me heal and be an active older adult again.”

– Nancy Donnelly


“We have seen an astounding difference in our child’s physical capabilities because of CTR. Before he started riding at CTR, he never climbed anything (he was 8 years old), he could not hang from a bar let alone go across the monkey bars, and he would tire out much more quickly that other children. He started riding Sally with CTR in January of 2016, our hopes were to improve his core strength and help with his low muscle tone (hypotonia) diagnosis. After 7 months of riding, he was able to go across the full length of monkey bars at a local park for the first time ever. He now climbs the door frames in our house, and does the spider climb on hallway walls. Because of CTR’s helping him to this level, we’ve been able to enroll him in gymnastics now! We are 100% positive that his new found physical abilities are because of Hippotherapy and riding at CTR. If it weren’t for CTR, it’s amazing staff, and their mission, our child would not be accomplishing all he is today.”

– Aubrey Schwartz

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