We are forever grateful for the kindness and generosity of our donors! Please consider giving during this holiday/winter season so that we may continue to best serve our clients in need.

HOLIDAY APPEAL: We need your help!
Your donation to our Pandemic Relief Fund helps to keep our programs available to those in need.



As we continue our reopening process and scheduling clients who were affected by the abrupt shut-down from March 2020, we ask anyone interested in participating in programming to please visit our Services page. We will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience!

Welcoming Environment

We are dedicated to providing meaningful, hands-on experiences in a welcoming environment. Whether you are visiting CTR for therapeutic, educational or leadership programming, our hands-on activities are carefully designed to challenge, strengthen and encourage.

Program and Services

We tailor our programming and services to meet your unique needs. At CTR, we know that one-size does not fit all! So we strive to make each experience as meaningful as possible for individuals, corporations, and groups.

Gentle Horses

Our gentle horses are carefully schooled in the nuances of their jobs. Each member of our herd (Captain, Dreamer, Tilly, Sally, Victor, Foxy and Buttons) loves their work! As therapeutic mounts, classmates, and experiential partners, they offer silent strength, compassion, insight, and understanding to their human companions.