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Colonel in the field smColonel

Colonel (foaled 3/16/06) - A Standardbred, his registered name is The Bad One was born in Pennsylvania. His racing career started when he was two years old and spanned four years, racing at local tracks in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Though he has two of the most famous pacers in his lineage, Adios and Albatross, his racing career was unremarkable.

He spent nine years in harness as an Amish buggy horse before he was sent to the auction. There he was rescued by Omega Horse Rescue who named him Griffin and sent him off for training under saddle.

CTR adopted him in August 2022 and changed his name to honor the memory of the late Lt. Colonel William "Bill" Santiff, whose family donated the funds to adopt him.

Colonel, as he is now named, is a very sweet, kind, and honest horse. He is wonderful to ride and is learning the nuances of his new career as a therapeutic riding horse. He is also learning to accept the tremendous kindness and love we all bestow on him as he learns to trust humans..


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