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Reggie - candid

REGGIE (foaled 2/14/19?) Reggie is a Percheron cross gelding purchased at an auction in Ohio to be a fox hunting/cross country horse. His owner discovered that his eyesight seemed to be a bit off and her veterinarian determined that Reggie had congenital uveitis in both eyes. Though his jumping days were over, his sweet nature, stocky build, and intelligence opened up an opportunity for him to become a therapeutic riding horse. Reggie was donated to CTR in December 2022 and has been in training to adapt to a life without sight. He does well with a rider that is confident and is learning to trust his horse leader, as well as get used to the sounds and activity that occurs in lessons. We are choosing to invest the time and effort into his training because he is a quick learner and is a very sweet horse.


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