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Stanley (foaled 2014), Shortly after Stanley was donated to CTR, the COVID-19 global pandemic occurred and CTR suspended onsite programming. Our team switched to virtual programming in March 2020, continuing through April 2021.

Stanley, a quarter horse gelding, has undetermined origins. He was donated to CTR from a lesson/sales farm as a horse with an old hip injury that despite training and conditioning didn't make him 100% sound. However, Stanley's kind nature and size indicated he would be a great candidate to start training to become a therapeutic riding horse.

For almost a year, our staff worked with Stanley to become a therapeutic riding horse. Despite our efforts, Stanley, a young and immature gelding, did not embrace the responsibilities of the job, so we sought a new home and career for him. Stanley is currently "on staff" at North Harford High School as one of the beloved animals in their Ag Program. He is a fan favorite of the students and faculty and we receive updates all the time of his success.


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